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Voluntariado en Alemania - Centro Intergeneracional

El "Mehrgenerationenhaus" en Johannesberg, Alemania quiere reunir a diferentes grupos de personas: mayores, niños, adolescentes y adultos de cualquier cultura. Como voluntario/a europeo/a, tienes la oportunidad de probar de apoyar en la amplia gama de actividades y proyectos diversos que ofrece la Casa Multigeneracional.

duración: 01.09.2022 - 31.08.2023

más información:

fecha límite: 01.04.2022


The Mehrgenerationenhaus was founded in 2012 and is located in the village of Johannesberg (http.// Johannesberg is a small community with just 4600 inhabitants but it has a lot to offer. Our institution wants to bring together different groups of people: the elderly, children, teenagers, adults of all social and cultural backgrounds and therefore is a meeting place for all generations. There are many different activities, events and clubs to choose from, which are addressing the different target groups.

For example, the Mehrgenerationenhaus focuses on 2 different types of offers: club for the elderly, youth club, kindergarden, after schools club, these are activities, that are matched to target groups and there are open offers, where all generations can meet, like library, cultural events or Offener Treff ("Open-meeting Place").

You simply like working with people, no matter what age, origin or nationality they have? You enjoy playing with kids but also like spending time with the elderly and as well assist staff in the centre in the backgrond? Then the “Mehrgenerationenhaus Lebenträume” is just the place for you! The multi-generational house in the small village of Johannesberg (4000 inhabitants) is a meeting place for all generations. It’s open to people of all ages, nationalities and origin. Their claim is “Everybody is welcome!” and the most important principle is „The young help the elderly and vice versa“. This opportunity includes child-care, working with elderly people, helping refugees and migrants and much much more! As a European volunteer you get the chance to experience many different fields of work through the wide range of diverse activities and projects the multigenerational house has to offer. You are also invited to initiate your own ideas and projects.

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