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Voluntariado en Alemania - Centro de Acogida para Menores

Actualizado: 23 sept 2019


Kinder- und Jugendhilfeverbund es una organización de Falkensee, Alemania que ofrece un hogar temporal o permanente para niños y jóvenes que no pueden vivir con sus familias. Buscan Voluntarixs Europexs para un proyecto de 12 meses.

duración: 01-06-2020 hasta 31-05-2021

fecha límite: 01-01-2020


The Kinder- und Jugendhilfeverbund is a non Profit organization that provides a temporary or a forever home to children and youth, which can´t live with their families. The volunteer will work in a group with six children from 1-8 years. The Group is run by two women, both educators, who permanently live together with the children.

The main Task of the volunteer will be:

-playing with the Kids

-assist in daily operations

-Kindergarten and School attendance

-help with homework

-reading stories, singing, making and painting, playing, going out -help with everyday Tasks (cooking, cleaning, laundry,..)

Furthermore, the volunteer has the opportunity to participate in the parental work, as well as the work with the legal Guardians and youth welfare offices.

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