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Voluntariado en Žilina, Eslovaquia - Land of Harmony Foundation


Se buscan voluntarios/as para apoyar con las personas con reducida movilidad y su inclusión en la comunidad.

Duración: August 2019 - August 2020

Fecha límite: lo antes posible


The main goal of Land of Harmony Foundation is the inclusion of persons with disabilities into community life in different areas – education, work, independent living and, mostly importantly, leisure time activities. In this context we offer the opportunity for an international volunteer to work with mix ability groups.

The role and tasks of the volunteer:

The volunteer will be provided with the opportunity to organize and participate in activities and programs leading towards inclusion of persons with and without disability in the community. We offer space for workshops such as for example dance, painting, music, photo and video, singing, theater, hiking, sport, PC skills development and also participation in public presentation and communication with social media. The volunteer will communicate with our local volunteers and will have a space for his or her creative self-realization depending on his/her skills and talents. It could be sport activities, creative workshops, expositions, club meetings, organizing trips such as hiking, cultural events, supporting independent living, and leisure time activities.

He/she will be in contact with people with disability and will provide them with the support they might need.

We are looking for a volunteer:

- who finds inspiration in the work with youth with fewer opportunities and in the power of community building

- who is flexible and able to improvise

- who is patient, tolerant and open minded

- who has good organizing skills, a positive and proactive attitude

- who is able to work individually and in a team

During this one year project the volunteer will ...

- have the chance to realize his/her project ideas cooperating with other volunteers,

- learn about inclusion and improve abilities to work with people with disabilities,

- learn about event management,

- learn to organize workshops and projects,

- work in a diverse and colorful environment and will improve his level of tolerance,

- learn about further opportunities in international youth projects and youth work.

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