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Voluntariado de dos meses en un Circo Social en Berlín - "Where Dreams Come True"

El Circo Social Cabuwazi en Berlín está buscando voluntarixs para su proyecto de corta duración en Alemania. El objetivo de la asociación es de poner el mundo del circo dentro de diferentes contextos y todas las actividades serán alrededor de eventos culturales.

duración: desde 29-06-2020 hasta 28-08-2020


fecha límite: 24-05-2020


The idea of the project is to bring the circus world into different settings, such as music festivals, parks, public transports… Some of the activities will take place outside Berlin and the asociation plans to travel around. You will work 5 days per week, maximum 8 hours per day.

You don’t need to have a circus background - they are looking for passionate young people who are willing to commit for this community experience and contribute with good energy, creativity and handwork/craft. It is also a time of self-development and professional growth: you will be supported by professional coaches and circus trainers. Moreover, you will become part of a bigger community of volunteers.

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