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SVE en Turquía - Atoder Asociación Sociocultural

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Servicio Voluntario Europea de 6 meses en Adana, Turquía con Atoder trabajando en proyectos socioculturales y de sensibilizar.



The Atoder association conducts activities in the field of youth and disadvantaged groups. Our Association conducts activities to develop democracy consciousness while at the same time ensuring that young people are active in decision making mechanisms. In addition to this, they are working on contributing to the city life by forming Culture, Art, Environment, Education and Health Working Groups upon informing Youth. Our Association, which has a multipurpose event hall and all kinds of technical facilities, carries out joint projects with different NGOs in regional and international projects in order to encourage active citizenship of young people in general and to develop solidarity and tolerance among young people.

In this context, activities to be done with EVS volunteers and local volunteers will be carried out in order to draw attention to them with awareness studies and to solve the problems by planning to reduce the troubles experienced by the blood patients and children in the health field. Blood diseases such as leukemia, thalassemia, sickle cell anemia and iron deficiency anemia are very common in our region. Some of these can be removed altogether by community education, while others can be healed with proper treatment.


Our local volunteers and other volunteers who will come to our knowledge within the scope of the project will provide community awareness, awareness activities and blood donation activities to visit patients and their families and social activities. They will perform activities to increase their motivation to disadvantaged groups. In addition, we organize various courses and trainings at the center of the association and provide young people with trainings on this issue. We will ensure that volunteers and social activities will take place within the scope of the project with local volunteers.

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