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SVE en República de Moldavia - Asociación Social Concordia

Voluntariado Europeo en Chisinau, República de Moldavia en Concordia, una asociación dedicada a apoyar menores y families en riesgo de exclusion.

Duración: 01/11/2018 to 01/11/2019


Project description

CONCORDIA is an international, independent aid organization dedicated to helping children, teenagers and families in need. CONCORDIA helps quickly and directly on site. We go where the need is greatest. CONCORDIA enables children to enjoy a happy and healthy childhood. We focus on building stable ties and strengthening families.The volunteers will have the possibility to work with our children and teenage beneficiaries. They can provide activities for children or teenagers or to participate in delivering lunches as home for the people in need. Other tasks are to come up with educational activities, to teach children some internet and computers skills, to teach English, to help children in preparation of the homework, to organize recreational activities, games, videos, excursions, exhibitions concerts, competitions; If possible, to provide different workshops of art, of painting, of manual work and other creative activities and other different activities.

Volunteer profile

There is no special recruitment requirements but we will appreciate if the applicant will be: open to know a new culture and live in another country, being able to adapt to a new environment; aware of their responsibilities as volunteers; willing to have new experiences and share their own ones; cooperative and flexible; We are open to young people without any specific educational background, because there are many activities to do and opportunities to learn through volunteering in our organization.

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