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SVE en República Checa - Centros Juveniles de Strakonice y Blatná

Actualizado: 1 oct 2018


Prevent z.ú. busca voluntarios para su sve en los centros juveniles de Strakonice y Blatná, República Checa desde noviembre 2018 hasta julio 2019.



Civic association PREVENT z.ú. operates in South Bohemia region of Czech Republic since 1999, especially in working with children and young people (primary prevention programs, experiential learning, non-formal education, social services for children and youth, youth clubs).On the field of addiction PREVENT is providing social and therapeutical services to drug users and their families. Educational activities (conferences, training courses and seminars for teachers, social workers, etc.). Prevent implements social services in the two clubs for children and youth. „Cross - PreventNZDM“in town Strakonice and „Station 17 – NZDM Prevent“in town Blatná. Clubs provide social services and non - formal education for children and adolescents from 12 years to 26 years. Its goals are to help the youngsters spend their leisure time meaningfully and provide social service and support in difficult situations. Workers are preparing leisure time programs and provide support in the difficult period of adolescence. To each of youth club come approx..110 clients per year.

Volunteering in our organization is about working in youth clubs. It is focused mostly on youth with fewer opportunities, Romas and children on the street. It is about helping them, creating and organizing leisure time with meaningful activities, animation of some activities, supporting them, playing with them and working in the social services field. Volunteering here is also about helping with visibility in our NGO and our activities.


1) Preparing and providing a leisure time activity for children in youth clubs in Strakonice and Blatná (together with our workers and one more volunteer)

2) Support the team of trainers during outdoor activities (maximum. once a month)

3) Work on specific small projects of youth clubs. It means volunteers will work with our employees on activation projects for example open days in local museum, theatre, beneficial concerts and so on.

4) Volunteers will help on promo and visibility of our organization – Volunteers will have an opportunity to help us with organizing and creating ideas of visibility and in the public relations field. We want to support effective presentation of our activities and NGO, so there are a lot of opportunities to do some changes, presentations, activities etc.

5) Volunteers in their own project. We want to support volunteers in creation and realization of their own projects.

6) Volunteer in visibility of EVS. Volunteers will help with managing visibility of EVS and Erasmus + . They will organize presentations and meetings.

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