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SVE en República Checa - Centro Juvenil de Teatro y Arte

Servicio Voluntario Europeo en Brno, República Checa ayudando el proyecto de teatro, danza y música "Labyrint".

duración: 01-10-2018 hasta 30-09-2019


fecha límite: 06-08-2018


Centre of leisure time Luzanky (SVC Luzanky) is regional organization formed by the Region of South Moravia. Our goal is to offer free time activities for people of all the age and social groups. Luzanky has existed for more than 65 years and it’s the oldest and also the biggest leisure time centre in the Czech Republic. Luzanky is formed by 11 centers situated in different parts of the city, mainly suburbs. We Offer about 600 courses and hobby groups for more than 11 000 participants every year.

Our project "Labyrint" takes place close to Bohunice and Stary Liskovec districts of Brno. We are mainly focused on the art activities as theatre, video, dance, music and so on. We have a little theatre hall, gym, club and other spaces for our workshops. We cooperate with the students of pedagogy, theatre and music schools in Brno. We also organize some events like seminars, concerts, theatre plays and festivals.


Role and participation of the volunteer in Labyrint: assist the pedagogues with leisure time activities for children, young people and adults: theatre, dance, video hobby groups, arts group (in the afternoons); assist with lessons of Drama Education for classes of primary and secondary schools (occasionally, in mornings); help with summer/ winter camps for children and youth; help with organization and realization of several-day workshops for children, theater, film, music and dance festivals; help with events for public community, in youth club, with promotion, maintenance of workplace etc.

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