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SVE en Luxemburgo - Cruz Roja, Atención a la Infancia

¡Cruz Roja Luxemburgo ofrece un servicio voluntario europeo de 12 meses en su departamento Atención a la Infancia desde septiembre 2018! contacto:


The European Volunteer will be hosted in the department "Childcare Centers" (FR: Maisons Relais; Crèches) of Red Cross Luxembourg. The department is responsible for the management of 6 "Crèches" (Age of 2 months - 4 year) and of 12 "Maisons Relais" (Age of 3 years to 12 years). Those "Childcare Centers" (FR: Maisons Relais, Crèches) are responsible for the extracurricular education of children. In total around 3.000 children are subscribed in those "Childcare Centers".

In this project the volunteer will have the opportunity to coordinate the production of a newspaper made by children for children. The volunteer can improve his/her competences in the field of IT-skills (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop), project management and pedagogics. Due on the international population of Luxembourg, the volunteer has the possibility to practise the French, German and English language and to get an impression of the different cultures living next to each other. The mobility possibilities are very good, the volunteer can travel to France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands often in less than 1 hour.


The tasks of the EV are: - to collect the articles and the photos of the children - to be in permanent contact with the educators in the childcare centers - to support the children in producing the articles - to coordinate the publication of the newspaper with the print office - to develop in ADOBE InDesign the design of the newspaper, you will be supported by a graphic designer - to promote the EVS

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