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SVE en Hungría - Egyesek Youth Association

Voluntariado Europeo en Szécsény, Hungía con Egyesek Youth Association, una asociación para jóvenes.

duración: 01-02-2019 hasta 01-12-2019

fecha límite: 10-01-2019



Egyesek Youth Association is a community of active youth and young professionals. The aim of our activities is that – we, young people – explore our own strengths and resources using them consciously to fulfill our personal and professional life. To reach that we do youth work activities, training courses and organisational development. Seeds of Action is the new long-term EVS project of Egyesek! We are looking for 10 volunteers to join us from all over Europe to work with us in Nógrád county, one of the most disadvantaged regions of Hungary. As a volunteer, you have the chance to join us and contribute to reach our mission: to create equal opportunity to local children and youth in order to increase the quality of their lives with an international group!


- organizing and delivering English-speaking action-based creative workshops for local children and young people

- preparing sessions for young people in schools and community centers - realizing voluntary actions involving local community (on eco-counscious life style)

- preparing media materials on the project

- supporting Egyesek in logistics

- creating own initiatives

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