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SVE en Grecia - Asociación Sociocultural INPLANET


Voluntariado Europeo con INPLANET, una asociación sociocultural en Atenas, Grecia que trabaja en los ámbitos de educación y proyectos internacionales.

duración: septiembre 2018 hasta septiembre 2019



INPLANET is an Organization active on the sectors of Education, Vocational Training, Life Long Learning, Adult Education and matters of Youth. We are specialized to the designing, organizing and implementing various types of European programs. We got huge European experience as since 1994 we have implemented and took part in more than 120 European programs.

Very important it’s INPLANET’s contribution to Life Long Learning by organizing seminars for Adults around different sectors of Vocational Education and Training such as Informatics, Foreign Languages Courses, professional competences for Adult Trainers, administrative competences inside the frame of European programs etc.

INPLANET is also working as a Hosting and Sending Organization, inside the frame of Erasmus+ program, a fact that practically means that we organize Educative programs for trainees of the European Vocational Training Institutes, by offering knowledge, knowhow and innovation to them through our huge Universities, Companies, Private and Public Sector Organizations network, which we have established in Greece. At the same time, we are sending abroad a big number of trainees of the Greek Vocational Training Institutes, in order to attend similar educative programs. INPLANET also offers short term seminars (combined theory and practice) for Teachers, Trainers, Administration and Education managers, either in Athens, either abroad.


Activity 1: For 12 months, 3 volunteers who are going to cover the annual needs of our Organization dealing with the Erasmus+ programs: Youth exchanges, TC’s, results diffusion, organizing informative events, partners searching, partners communication and correspondence, emails, dealing with Media [TV, Radio, Social Medias, sites etc] and finally writing articles about the Organizations’ activities. The Volunteers will also contribute to the designing and publishing of a monthly magazine or newspaper about our Organization.

Activity 2: For 12 months, 3 volunteers who are going to deal with the development of our cultural sector. INPLANET has developed a very strong relationship with the Municipality of Aghia Varvara – the area where the organization is located – and cooperates with the Municipality Lab of Folklore Art and Jewelry by organizing exhibitions and by being part of the cultural events of the Municipality. At the same time, the Volunteers will actively contribute to the Organizations development of Sports and Wellbeing activity by taking part in sport academies and sport events that the Municipality of Aghia Varvara implements every year. Our Organization has access to the Municipality’s sport facilities and takes part in Massive Sports events, organizes seminars about sport, healthy living and wellbeing as an attitude in life. Our volunteers will be engaged in those activities by offering help to kids and elders in order for them to adapt a healthy lifestyle and positive energy.

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