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SVE en Francia - Foyer La Baraudelle

foto: Wikimedia Commons

Voluntariado Europeo en Attigny, Francia desde septiembre 2018 hasta septiembre 2019 en Foyer La Baraudelle, un centro de atención para personas con diversidad funcional.



Foyer La Baraudelle is a day care center that provides specialized accommodation for people suffering from physical or/and cerebral disability. It provides to the residents specific and adapted living conditions (accommodation, frame, medical care…) and proposes them leisure and personal development activities. Residents age varies from 18 to 60 years old. The day care center can host around 40 residents with different levels of disability and support other people with mixed abilities during daytime activities.


The mission of EVS project in Foyer La Baraudelle is to help the residents to get their balance, to encourage them to socialize by improving their relations with others, to include them in the local community life by stimulating the development of active citizenship. To reach this, organization together with EVS volunteer organize various type of activities:

  • Sports: horse riding, archery, swimming…

  • Familiarization activities: individual and group outings, thematic trips, celebrations, festivals, concerts…

  • Leisure activities: pedagogical garden and farm, computer, radio and video montage, designing anime, drawing, mosaic, decoration workshops…

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