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SVE en Bélgica - Músicas del Mundo con MuziekPublique


Servicio Voluntario Europeo con MuziekPublique desde enero 2019 hasta diciembre 2019 (posibilidad de menos tiempo) en Bruselas donde ayudas en la producción de conciertos, relaciones públicas y comunicación.


fecha límite: 10-09-2018


Muziekpublique carries out extensive background work to provide a platform for talented artists respresenting the musical culturals of the entire world and to destigmatize cultures through music. We also provide a framework and support for artists so that they can keep their music alive and allow them to act as intercultural mediators. We are based in Theater Molière in the middle of Matonge, the African district of Brussels, the ideal location to develop a world culture center. All cultures are valuable and have their own fascinating tradition in terms of music and dance. Muziekpublique therefore does not program 'exotic music' for a Belgian audience. The association also wants Africans to get to know the Flemish folk music, Spaniards to respect Arabic rhythms, Turks not only to go to a Turkish concert, but also get to know other styles of music,...

We are currently looking for a volunteer who would like to spend between 6 months and (preferably) one year with Muziekpublique. You will be a member of a small and dynamic team and will be totally immersed in the world of world music. You will learn how to work with people of very different origins and cultures. You will be involved in various aspects of the organisation such as producing concerts, coordinating volunteers, and public relations and communication.

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