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SVE en Bélgica - Centro de Recuperación de Animales Salvajes

foto: Deryckere, Michael

¡SVE de 12 meses empezando el 01-04-2019 en rehabilitar fauna silvestre y sensibilizar a locales en Oostende!


fecha límite: 20-08-2018


The Wildlife Rescue Centre Ostend takes care of sick, injured or orphaned wildlife. The last 3 years we’ve got about 4000 patients, most of them because of human activities (e.g. oil, but also traffic, birds taken by a cat, birds that flew against a window…). Our main goal is the rehabilitation of wildlife so we can release them back into the wild. By doing this we also try to educate the public. The center organizes activities about nature and bird protection for local people. We also support scientific research of different institutes by providing data about the animals that stay in the center.


Long-term EVS will be involved in the daily running of the centre. They will be involved in several tasks, such as: feeding animals, assistance with medical care of fractures, diseases and wounds, catching and releasing birds and animals and administrative work/assistance in organization of activities for fundraising.

The volunteer is trained by the staff, other EVS and volunteers. During the project, you will learn everything about revalidation of wildlife, tube feeding, revalidation of oiled wildlife, raising orphaned wildlife, fluid therapy, most common diseases and reasons of being brought in. We organize a short training in raising orphaned wildlife and revalidation of oiled wildlife during the year, specially for our EVS. At all times, there is support of a staff member.

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