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Proyecto de Voluntariado en Club de Música en Fribourg, Suiza

Activity duration: 1 st of February – 31st of July 2019 – 6 months


Fri-Son (Fribourg, Switzerland) is a music club, which exists since 1983. It is managed by a nonprofit organization called «Association Fri-Son » which is organized by a committee elected by the General Assembly. The committee is in charge of the strategy of the organization and hires the 10 office staff (general secretary, booker, communication manager, accountant, bar manager, infrastructure manager, technical managers, interns) while the office is in charge of the executive. The office works with about 13 working groups (security, bar, cloakroom, photography, cooking, cinema, evening organizer, decoration, book, sound, light, display, flyering). A total of 200 volunteers and staff work for Fri-Son. Most of our volunteers are aged between 16 and 35 years. Fri-Son hosts more than 50,000 spectators a year and allows 110+ Swiss and international bands to perform either on the big stage (up to 1300 people) or on the little one (up to 250 people). The arrangement and adaptability of the venue enable the organization of more than 130 events per year, for example: live gigs, special artistic events, cinema, dj nights. The volunteer can learn how a venue like Fri-Son functions during a whole year. The volunteer will be mostly working inside the venue. The tasks will be more “manual work” than “office work”. He-she can try most sector of work (bar, security, infrastructure, technique, cooking, decoration). He-she will be trained by the office team for the organization of events. The volunteer will be part of the team. Her/his weekly plan will look like this (not exhaustive!):  Tuesday & Wednesday: He/she participates in the production of the weekly events with the office team and other working groups. It means he/she will help us with the infrastructure (cleaning, preparation of the venue, backstage), cleaning and ordering the bar and the decoration.  Thursday, Friday & Saturday: he/she works at night or during the day discovering the others activities concerning the evening organization, like decoration, security, bar service, hosting artists.  Sunday & Monday would be the days off. Example of project: the volunteer could create a working group with the task of hosting the artists. The mission would be to prepare the backstage and to accommodate the artists during the day they spend at the venue. Important: all these activities will depend on the skills and on the motivation of the volunteer. The week agenda will also be organized with the consent of the volunteer.

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