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Prácticas remuneradas en el Guggenheim Museum de Nueva York


¡Prácticas en el Guggenheim de Nueva York para estudiantes, graduados y profesionales!

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The objective of the internship program is to offer practical museum training experience to individuals interested in pursuing careers in the arts and museum fields. Interns gain a broad understanding of how a particular department functions within the context of a major museum as well as specific skills related to that department’s activities. Interns are assigned to a department based on academic background, professional skills, interests, and career goals. Interns participate in the ongoing work of museum departments and contribute to specific projects or portions of larger departmental initiatives.

In addition, the Museum Culture Seminar Program supplements the Internship Program by incorporating site visits to other New York arts and cultural institutions. Discussion with a broad array of arts and museum professionals, including Guggenheim staff, is facilitated. A field trip outside New York City is planned for the end of each internship period.

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