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CES en Portugal - Informática para Trabajo Social

Rato - Associação para a Divulgação Cultural e Científica es una organización juvenil en Miratejo, Portugal que desarrolla iniciativas y proyectos orientados a la promoción de la Sociedad de la Información. Buscan 2 voluntarixs para un voluntariado del Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad.

duración: 01-02-2020 hasta 01-11-2020

fecha límite: 20-01-2020


Rato - Associação para a Divulgação Cultural e Científica (ADCC - Association for the promotion of Culture and Science) is a youth organization that develops initiatives and projects orientated for the promotion of the Information Society. Target group of Rato – ADCC are especially young adults but the training activities are for general public (youth, adults, elderly people). Through non formal methodologies, Rato - ADCC establishes common ground between people of different cultural and academic backgrounds - technology is a tool to promote education, culture, solidarity and entrepreneurship.

Volunteering in Rato - ADCC has the purpose to promote locally the tools and methods of IT (Web Design, Free Software, Multimedia and Digital Video Edition) for social and cultural work and promote the european opportunities for the youth community of Seixal.


• Support of different training activities (workshops aiming to provide ICT skills, workshops to provide knowledge in areas such as Intercultural Learning, Youth Participation, Entrepreneurship);

• Support of activities regarding global citizenship and education in local schools

• Creation and promotion of tools and activities that promote opportunities for education; training, employment, mobility, non-formal education and entrepreneurship;

• Support of different projects and activities developed in Rato – ADCC;

• Content management, creation of multimedia content and other online documents for different websites managed by Rato – ADCC.

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